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We specialise in working with women and their finances, acting as a sounding board and trusted advisor.

Start on your pathway to wealth with the perfect financial planning package, no matter how much you earn.

How EQ Wealth helped Brook start her own business

Meet Brooke, who became a client of EQ Wealth when she wanted to leave her demanding career in the corporate world and start her own business. Of course, that’s not without its challenges, especially when you throw a baby into the mix.


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EQW gave Pam the confidence to take control

Having just been divorced, Pam was facing an uncertain future with little understanding of her finances. She put her trust in EQ Wealth and has confidently gained her financial independence to not only survive, put prosper into the future.

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How EQ Wealth helped restore financial security for single mother Amber

Facing life as a single parent and returning to work full time following her divorce, Amber turned to EQ Wealth to help provide the security she needs for her family.


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Kerrie’s delighted with her future thanks to EQ Wealth

Mother, divorcee and cancer-survivor Kerri describes the relief of having the right insurance as she battled breast cancer. Thanks to EQ Wealth Kerrie’s future has never looked brighter.


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Why EQ Wealth works for semi-retired Jenny

Mother and grandmother Jenny describes how EQ Wealth helped her to bounce back from past mistakes and provide her with financial security for semi-retirement.


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